Climb the highest peak of "la Bella Italia". Enjoy the glaciers, the giant 4.000 m peaks and a hot capuccino. Depending on the circumstances we might do up to 8 x 4.000 m peaks and visit the highest hut in the Alps. 

During these days we will climb Gran Paradiso (4.061 m) and after changing to Gressoney we can climb the famous peaks of Monte Rosa e.g:

Vincent- Pyramide (4.215 m)

Schawarzhorn (4.321 m)

Ludwigshöhe (4.341 m)

Parotspitze (4.432 m)

Signalkuppe (4554m)

Zumsteinspitze (4.563 m) 

Punta Giordani (4.046 m)


March- April

5 Days of skiing 

Dates on demand

From 3- 5 persons                                                                                                              

700€*/ person

*Guide fees (the price includes only the guide fees)

Additional costs: Accommodation, lift pass, rental gear


Skiing efficiently in all types of snow ( e.g. wind affected snow, crust should not be a problem), feeling secure with skiing across an exposed ski slope is required


Good physical condition, 5 to 7 hours of skiing a day should not cause you any problems. Hiking up to 5-6 hours a day.

Do you need more information? We are happy to help you!!! Just contact us