"My heart still there where my body can not return more" with this beautiful words, John Forbes, pioneer of the route described this famous ski traverse on the Alps.    

The Haute Route was first done as a ski trip in 1911 by a group of guides from Chamonix and it very soon after that became a classic "must do" for any lover of ski mountaineering. 

During six days, the route links Chamonix with Zermatt with the commodities of great huts and excellent food. We will climb around 1000 vertical meters every day, covering distances that are suitable for a ski mountaineering person in good shape, with good technique. Previous experience in skiing in white out conditions is needed. 

A range of different options are available according to conditions and time permitted to do the route. 

From 3- 5 persons

From 790€*/ person

*Guide fees (the price includes only the guide fees)

Additional costs: Accommodation, lift pass, rental gear


Skiing efficiently in all types of snow ( e.g. wind affected snow, crust should not be a problem), feeling secure with skiing across an exposed ski slope is required


Good physical condition, 5 to 7 hours of skiing a day should not cause you any problems.  Hiking up to 5-6 hours a day on skins. 

  • Mar 18 - Mar 23

  • Apr 7 - Apr  13

  • Apr 15 - 21 Apr

  • Apr 22 - 28 Apr

* Or any other date on demand. (March/April)

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