Get away from busy slopes and the crowds. Discover the other side of the Chamonix Valley. Make your own tracks and enjoy a real nature experience. Feel the freedom of having the mountains all to yourself. 

The spectacular classic route for ski and mountaineering seekers. This route requires good aclimatisation. It is essential to do some high altitud skiing routes before attempting to scale the Mont Blanc. 

"My heart still there where my body can not return more" John Forbes, pioneer of the route described this famous ski traverse over the Alps with these beautiful words.    

Climb the highest peak of "la Bella Italia". Enjoy the glaciers, the giant 4.000 m peaks and a hot capuccino. Depending on the circumstances we might do up to 8 x 4.000 m peaks and visit the highest hut in the Alps. 

Located between the Austrian Tyrol and Voralberg, this massif is maybe not the highest in the Alp but due to its beauty of its peaks and spectacular valleys and glaciers, it's a popular area.