The normal route via Goûter has the alpine grade PD. It starts from the end of the Tramway du Mont Blanc, via Tête Rousse hut to Goûter hut and from there via the Arête des Bosses to the summit. This route is the "easiest" route and offers the best chances to reach the summit. 

The programs usually start with 2-3 days of acclimatisation and training. We can do this in different locations such as Albert 1ere, Trient, Cosmiques or Torino hut. It is also possible to combine the Mont Blanc ascent with an ascent of Gran Paradiso.

We offer customised programmes to suit your individual requirements​

Depending on weather and snow conditions we may have to change the program.

The last two days are focused on  the Mont Blanc ascent. We will climb Mont Blanc via the Goûter route. We will stay either in the Tete Rousse or the Goûter hut, depending on the weather conditions. We will summit Mont Blanc on the last day of the programme and return to Chamonix the same day.


From beginning of June - end September

Dates on demand


  • 5 DAYS MONT BLANC PROGRAM 2500€ (1 person)// 1500€/person (2 persons)

  • 4 DAYS MONT BLANC PROGRAM 2000€ (1 person)//1150€/person (2 persons)

  • 3** DAYS MONT BLANC PROGRAM 1600€ (1 person)//890€/person (2 persons)

  • 2 **DAYS MONT BLANC PROGRAM 1200€ (1 person)// 690€/person (2 persons)

The price includes the guide fees + rental gear + transfers from accomodation to lifts.

Additional costs: Accommodation, lift pass,etc.

**Only advisable if you are already acclimatized. 


You have to know how to use crampons and you need  basic skills in climbing in varied terrain and on mountain ridges.


You have to be in an excellent physical shape. Good acclimatisation is a MUST! (We recommend 2 or 3 nights above 2500/3000m beforehand) 

Do you need more information? We are happy to help you !!! Just contact us