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Welcome to Chamonix Vertical –the group of international mountain guides working together. We speak English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian and Swedish. We are based in the beautiful valley of Chamonix but we also organise expeditions to far away places such as the Himalayas and the Andes. 

Ready for a great adventure? We guarantee an exceptional guiding service and can offer mountain training if needed. We are experts in backcountry skiing, mountaineering and climbing. Our guides are not only highly professional but also equipped with a great sense of humour !

If you are looking for an unforgettable mountain experience, you have come to the right people.

Stephan: UIAGM guide who will give you the time of your life in the mountains no matter if it's a single day of adventure in the Alps or on a month long expedition far away.  Stephan is more than happy to share his mountain knowledge with keen adventurers. Read more about Stephan here.

David:  A lover of adventure and expeditions to distant lands, skiing, climbing or snowboarding with clients, David, Spanish born, has participated in more than 15 expeditions up till today. He's keen to meet you and guide you on your next adventure. Click here to find out more about David. 

Gloria: A keen climber, born in Spain and a Chamonix resident for many years, Gloria will probably be the first team member you'll get in touch with. She's making sure all operations are run smoothly and that you'll get all the necessary information needed before you meet up with your guide. 

Koski: No mountain is big enough for Koski. As long as there will be plenty of dog food provided, Koski will keep going higher and higher and higher. In the company she makes sure the humans stay in shape through all the dog walks. 


What is Chamonix Vertical?

What is Chamonix Vertical?

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