Mixed climbing and north faces

Mixed climbing and north faces

Mixed climbing and north faces in Chamonix

In the intervening seasons, ice and rock melt into the Mont-Blanc massif, creating mixed climbing itineraries that deserve the Chamonix Valley internationally famous, making it one of the best places in the world for practice this type of climbing.

All kinds of difficulties can be found, not only the experts climb there. Narrow “Goulottes” and historical ice and snow faces at all levels that will make you discover the massif from a different perspective, nothing about with the crowded summer. Comfortable accesses and fantastic climbs in an environment of great peaks. Not even for once, you can’t miss it.

Some suggestions to include in your program could be :

Mont Blanc du Tacul area – 4248m
Contamine – Grisolle o Contamine – Mazeaud (400m II/ AI 3+)
Goulotte Chéré (300m II 4)
Gabarrou – Albinoni (500m III 4+)
Modica – Noury (500m II 5+)
Goulotte Lafaille (300m II D)
Goulotte Pellissier (250m TD M5+)
Le Tour Ronde – 3792m
North face (500m II D)
Couloir Gervasutti (700m II D)
Aiguille Verte – 4122m
Couloir Whymper (800m IV D)
Couloir Couturier (1000m II IV D)

Pointe du Domino 3600m
Petit viking (500m III M2 4)
Rognon du Plan 3601m
Le Fil à Plomb (700m II 4+ M4)
Aiguille du midi 3842m
Mallory – Porter 1000m III AD+)
Augster direct (1000m IV 5 M5)
Vent du dragon (200m II M5 3)
Profit – Perroux ( TD M4+)
Col des Pèlerins
Rébuffat – Terray (550m III M6)
Aiguille du Chardonnet 3824m
Escarra gully (D+ 4)

Chamonix Vertical organize mixed climbing programs from 1 to 7 days. Contact us now to discover north faces and amazing goulottes in security with our local guides !