Rock climbing

Rock climbing

Chamonix is famous for Mont-Blanc and its snow and ice climbs, but during the summer months, it’s a whole different story. The snow melts and transforms the landscape into something else entirely. The perfect “Chamoniard” red granite, full of cracks, slabs and fantastic features, delights climbers of all skill levels.

Rock climbing in Chamonix

In Chamonix, we have access to some of the best granite in the world, accessible to a lot of people with starting grades around 5a. There is such a wide range of routes that you can be picky and choose from a vast quantity and quality of routes in a variety of grades and lengths to fit your timeline and requirements. Many of the routes have lift access, which hugely cuts down the approach time, and allows you to get considerably high. This opens the door to many more options.

We run several courses for different levels and abilities. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the ropes, or an experienced climber wanting to learn new techniques, we have something for you. Courses can be adapted to suit you: are you looking to transition from single pitch to multi-pitch climbing? Are you wanting to transition from indoor to outdoor climbing, but want to learn all the right techniques to stay safe? Whatever you are looking for, our guides can make it happen!

There are many crags around the Chamonix valley which are perfect for “climbing schools”. The more accessible crags such as Les Gaillands and Servoz can be accessed by road, making it easy for family-orientated groups. Other crags may include walk-ins such as Cheserys, or even longer drives down the valley such as Le Fayet. Courses for more experienced climbers are also available, and locations will vary depending on what you are looking to work on.

One of the fantastic advantages of coming to Chamonix, is that we are within driving distance of fantastic climbing areas in France, Italy and Switzerland, giving us an abondance of choice when deciding where to take you to teach you climbing techniques. Our guides know the perfect spots to suit your climbing ability and will be happy to take you to their best climbing spots!

Please get in touch if you are looking for a climbing course, as courses are dependent on numbers and availability.

It is possible to rent a certain amount of gear from us, or we can advise you on where to rent your gear if you do not have your own. What you need will depend on the course that you choose and we will send you a comprehensive list of equipment when you book the course. Please do not hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions about courses or gear.